Beatriz Sousa

* Baby, you light up my world like nobody else*
- WMYB, One Direction
Just don´t…..

Just don´t…..

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Happy 21st Birthday Louis!


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One Direction | She’s Not Afraid (Leaked Snippet)

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‘Moments’ with Rain…

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Harry Styles’ new take on ‘Moments’.


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Do you ever think whats going to happen when we are all older? What’s going to break my heart is watching every Directioner reach adult hood and slowly drifting away from the fangirl world. Watching them say goodbye on their twitter and tumblr account’s for good. Tweeting “@Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @ZaynMalik @LouisTomlinson I love you guy’s.” before they leave and the memories will come flooding back. The first time the boys sang together as a band hearing “Nothings Fine Im Torn” playing in your mind, the jokes, the girlfriends, the songs, X factor, the fights with the other fandoms, the desperation for the boys to notice you, the laughter and the tears. Remembering the perviness, the bromances, how overused the carrot joke and “Vas Happenin” got and the many times those boys have destroyed our ovaries. We had our real lives and our tumblr and twitter lives. We made many friends throughout our journey as Directioners, all thanks to uncle Simon. We spent ages picking new bios, icons, backrounds, URL’s, and themes. Thinking of tweets and posts that would get a shit-ton of reblogs, and re-tweets. There were big accounts, and small accounts but each and every one of us shared a never-ending love for our Wolverhampton Hustler & Holmes Chapel Homie. We all share the same dream and comforted each other when we couldn’t reach it. We had fights, and arguments but at the end of the day we’re a family just supporting our idols. No matter what happened we always had each other to turn to. So when you are about to press the “Log Off” button for the very last time, just take a minute to relive these precious years of your life, leaving no regrets, just remember the good times. Never forget out teenage years of fangirling, and long nights with your eyes glued to the computer screen, because one day when you’re much much older, you might log back on your twitter account, or tumblr blog and tweet or post: “Rest In Peace” to one of the boys, and you will know that you have kept your promise. Once a Directioner, always a Directioner.

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zayn pushing liam and then ripping his shirt open.

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